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Privacy Management Lifecycle

Fundamental to our approach is the concept that privacy management is a continuous process that should be managed using a Privacy Management Lifecycle.

APS Group believes that managing today's privacy concerns should be no different for you than any other business process. By mapping the privacy management strategy onto the standard business management cycle, our goal is to give you a high level roadmap of how to achieve compliance with all applicable legislation, and a methodology that ensures you will maintain compliance cost-effectively.

Assess & Determine information flow and purpose. This is the first step in proactively assessing and reducing the risk of over collecting, mishandling or misusing 'Personally Identifiable' information. Consider legal/regulatory context vs. current stated privacy policy vs. privacy awareness and actual practices. Perform gap analysis to identify urgent risk areas and ensure cost-effective utilization of resources.

Define & Select business process enhancements and technical controls. This step ensures the cost-effective allocation of capital and resources to the most critical areas - defining policy, redesigning business processes and selecting appropriate technical controls. Define and communicate high level privacy policy, accountabilities & principles based on best practices. Ensure management buy-in to the policy.

Implement & Enable selected enhancements and controls. Implement enhanced policies, procedures, systems changes, training programs, performance measures and incentives. Enable your people, processes and technology to get on with business.

Review & Update privacy policies and controls as a continuous process. The Privacy Management Lifecycle ensures that effective privacy practices have become part of your standard business process, the way your organization routinely conducts business. Conduct a Privacy Review at regular intervals to verify compliance with policy. Update based on changes to the environment.

APS Group principals are available to present on information security and privacy to business, schools and non-profit groups, as part of our community awareness programs.