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Service Offerings

Information Privacy

Privacy Opportunity and Risk Assessment

We will help you take a snapshot of your critical privacy risks, so you can focus your compliance efforts cost-effectively. We will also identify opportunities for you to enhance your customer service, and cut costs by improving your information management practices.

We have extensive knowledge of the legal/regulatory context, information security risks to privacy and privacy best practices, including Generally Accepted Privacy Principles and the Privacy Maturity Matrix. This knowledge enables us to guide you through a process using questionnaires and structured workshops to quickly identify urgent risk areas where you have a gap between your privacy strategy and stated policies, privacy awareness and actual practices.

Privacy Policy Development

Good privacy practices, based on principles and standards, should become part of the way the organization routinely conducts business. If you want your privacy policy to be followed (and having a policy which isn't followed is more dangerous than no policy), all affected groups (e.g. marketing, sales, finance, human resources, information technology) should help develop it.

Since the initial development and implementation of the privacy policy will require more effort than its ongoing maintenance, many organizations will find that using external assistance is more likely to achieve effective results quickly. An outside perspective can also be useful to challenge assumptions and help you to think creatively about your information management and customer relationship processes. We can facilitate the policy development process with key executives and managers to develop privacy and security policies that will be accepted and enforced.

Privacy Expert on Call

You can have a privacy advisor available 7 days a week to:

  • Review your privacy policy, procedures and forms

  • Advise and coach your Privacy Officer

  • Help you respond to customer inquiries or complaints

  • Alert you to breaking privacy news and events which you need to know about.

This is a cost-effective way for small and medium-sized businesses to get expert assistance as needed.

Privacy Awareness Training

Your front-line staff are your first line of defence against customer complaints about your privacy practices. They must know what your privacy policy is, and be able to direct customer inquiries to the appropriate individual. We can train your customer-facing staff, either on your site or at our regular seminars, which are conveniently scheduled to minimize downtime during the business day.


Security Risk Management

Risk Assessment

Many businesses are extending previously internal processes to suppliers and customers via the Web, in order to reduce cycle time and cut costs. The resulting security issues must be addressed within an integrated risk management framework, which considers people, business policies, processes and physical environment, as well as information technology. We can help you to identify critical assets, threats and vulnerabilities using a structured workshop approach based on the OCTAVE (Operationally Critical Threat, Asset & Vulnerability Evaluation) methodology, then work with you to identify appropriate and cost-effective controls to safeguard critical assets and protect client privacy.


Business and IT Strategy and Innovation

Business and IT Strategic Planning

Business strategies should leverage technology to support the business strategic goals. Too often business and technology strategies are developed separately, leading to missed business opportunities and poorly thought out technology investments. We can assist your organization in the development of a technology strategy using facilitated workshops with senior business and technology managers to determine future business requirements, establish guiding principles and the technology architecture and define the strategic technology work program. We can also assist with mobilization of the program, including program management structure, program risk management, resourcing and benefits management.

Business Process Innovation

Business Process Innovation involves rethinking and redesigning business processes to achieve breakthrough improvements with enabling technology. Process innovation therefore goes beyond either continuous improvement or simple automation, and anticipates significant organizational impact as well as high use of technology.

We have extensive experience in process innovation, including design of work structures and management systems, and in organizational change management. We use structured workshop sessions to refine the understanding of business goals, critical success factors and priorities for process innovation, and to set ambitious targets for productivity improvements. The workshops are then used as the foundation for system architecture and for structured rapid prototyping of new business systems.


Corporate Governance

Business Continuity Planning

Switch on any nightly news program, and you will encounter stories of tornados, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, severe winter storms, explosions, train derailments, plane crashes, major fires, toxic spills, riots and strikes. Could your business survive a natural or man-made disaster? Will your customers understand and remain loyal if you are unable to conduct business or meet your commitments for an extended period? Without some form of contingency plan, a firm is relying on pure luck to weather any disruptions or disasters it encounters.

We can help you plan for business continuity and disaster recovery. Our skills include: risk evaluation, business impact analysis, the development of recovery strategies and plans, awareness and training programs. We will help you develop a realistic and cost-effective strategy for your organization, and a solid case for action to ensure that it is adopted and implemented. We can provide implementation assistance, including development of test scenarios and simulation exercises. Our service offerings are modular, and can be used to support and complement your in-house expertise.


Education and Training

Security Training / Awareness Sessions

It has become a cliché that people are the weakest link in the security chain. But they can also be your strongest assets, if they understand the issues and are motivated to support your security efforts. We offer customized on-site security training and awareness sessions for executives, managers and business users of information technology.


Service Offerings


Security Risk

Business and IT Strategy and Innovation

Corporate Governance

Education and Training